The rise in popularity of elopement weddings in Italy

Why Elope?

With wedding trends and attitudes having changed so much over the years, today more and more couples are opting for elopement destination weddings. The word ‘elopement’ has actually changed in its meaning over the years and no longer refers to young lovers sneaking off in a desperate hurry to tie the knot. Now it’s more about small, intimate weddings with just the bride and groom or a very small bridal party, pre-planned or spontaneous.

Eloping is fast becoming a very popular way for couples to get married and works perfectly in so many ways. It is a private celebration of the love a couple has for one another without any worry of intricate details, dramas and formalities of a typical wedding day. If you’ve always dreamed of simplicity and intimacy when it comes to your wedding, then why not consider eloping?

An elopement wedding gives the opportunity to have a truly unique, adventurous and luxurious experience in a part of the world you may have never before discovered, without breaking the bank. With the money saved in opting to elope, you can invest in memorable experiences, such as a luxury private boat to cruise around the coast, or a ceremony on a completely remote terrace by the sea. With the help of a planner you can explore secret destinations that you may never have known existed. You can also appoint the services of the best photographers and videographers available to capture every moment which can later be shared with your family and friends. The spectacular scenery of the Amalfi Coast is unrivalled and with no schedule to stick to, you can spend plenty of time with your chosen photographer/videographer to produce the most spectacular shots/film. There are no schedules to adhere too, no worries about whether you’ll get time for those ‘sunset shots’ everything can be perfectly tailored to you without considering anyone else. With the wedding day focussed on just the two of you, planning an elopement wedding is enjoyable and stress free... we can’t think of a better way to start married life!

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